Add touchless collaboration to any space

        Content sharing is the core of collaboration. AirMedia® technology makes it simple and safe, from the comfort of any personal device.

        No hassle, no touch

        With support for every OS, AirMedia delivers the experience professionals expect in the modern workplace, and faculty and students expect in today’s classrooms. Just follow the easy on-screen instructions to connect. Someone else’s turn? It’s simple to switch between sources. Or display both using any 2 of 12 possible inputs (10 wireless, HDMI®, or DM®).

        Power up convenience and control

        AirMedia integrates with Crestron touch screens and other essential room technologies to create a robust, intelligent room experience: occupancy sensors to turn the system on/off and DigitalMedia™ products to enable wired presentation and sharing. You also get display control. All with no programming required.

        New AirMedia canvas

        Now, you never have to worry about your content looking anything but great onscreen. From any device. AirMedia dynamically adjusts the layout based on the content source. 

        The simplicity IT managers want

        AirMedia works perfectly with whatever you already have. Secure corporate network, guest network, or direct connect. And the zero-touch Crestron XiO Cloud™ IoT-based platform streamlines provisioning and management, so you can deploy hundreds of AirMedia devices in the same time it takes to deploy one.

        AirMedia products


        AirMedia Presentation System with AirMedia 2.0 and HDMI® in/out, Miracast® connectivity

        Standalone device that enables you to convert lobbies, lounges, and other open spaces into productive meeting spaces.


        AirMedia Presentation System with AirMedia 2.0, DM® in, and HDMI in/out, Miracast connectivity

        All the functionality of AM-200 plus DM input for connecting to in-room DM transmitter.

        In addition to these two products, AirMedia technology is built into Crestron Mercury® tabletop conferencing systems and select DigitalMedia Presentation Systems.

        Enhance every space

        AirMedia gives you total flexibility to optimize every room and space with touchless presentation and collaboration, plus digital signage.

        Do you want to deploy the AirMedia 2.0 app enterprise-wide?

        Download the free AirMedia 2.0 enterprise PC application for Windows or Mac OS® below. You can use it to silently deploy the AirMedia 2.0 app to personal computers across the enterprise. This ensures that everyone in your organization is ready and able to connect to any approved AirMedia 2.0 device with just a single mouse click.
        File Version Release Date Type

        AirMedia® Presentation Gateway -
        Security Reference Guide




        Windows Deployable Application


        Windows Installer

        OS X Deployable Application



        OS X Installer

        Windows Guest Application


        Windows Portable

        OS X Guest Application



        OS X Portable


        Getting Back to Work Post COVID19 – Touchless Collaborative Meetings

        COVID19 has come, and life as we knew it will be no longer. Necessary shifts in behaviors, social norms, and habits, etc. are coming. Already, “touchless” interactions have been put into place, from buying groceries or a new car, to closing on a mortgage, to ordering take-out. This same reality will likely materialize in the workplace as regions of the country start to “open up” and employees return to the office. More specifically, workplace technology in meeting rooms (where collaboration and interaction are key) will need to evolve to meet the new reality. That’s where Crestron AirMedia® 2.0 comes in.

        May 13, 2020 Get the whole story



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