Crestron Flex
        Video Conferencing

        Collaboration at its best

        Simple. Reliable. Flexible.

        Hear every word, see everyone — clearly

        Every Crestron Flex device brings high fidelity audio and high-resolution video to every room so everyone feels like they are in the room no matter where they are.

        360o quad microphone arrays, beamforming technology, and mic pods pick up every word in rooms of any size.

        High-precision, HD intelligent cameras with 150° field of vision do everything from focusing on who’s speaking to counting who’s in the room.

        Collaborate in any room on any platform

        Android™ or Windows® based, Crestron Flex is designed to work on any platform so now any room can do anything. With Crestron Flex you can have a native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ experience and the ability to connect any laptop or mobile device for a BYOD experience.

        Crestron Flex devices are Microsoft Teams® certified and deliver a one touch experience.

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        Crestron Flex natively integrates Zoom software into every device for one touch simplicity.

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        Use Your Own Device (BYOD)

        Crestron Flex supports most popular platforms. Simply connect your laptop, tablet or phone via a USB.

        Clearly a better solution for every space

        From desktop to lecture hall, corporate campus to satellite office, onsite or remote, Crestron Flex offers you the ease and simplicity of one solution all from one company.

        Hear how Crestron Flex works from Crestron executives and our client at Spectrum Brands.
        The Crestron Flex 2021 Event: UC for Every Space. See it here

        Make your workplace technology work — from one touch screen seamlessly

        Crestron knows how to make a room work from the inside out. From any Crestron Flex device you easily control everything you need from room scheduling to launching your presentation, to adjusting lighting, shades, and climate. Every space. Every meeting.

        Hardware that makes collaboration easy

        Crestron Flex Phone with Microsoft Teams software

        A dedicated collaboration device that makes virtual meetings a reality

        • Keeps your calendar, organizes your contacts, schedules your events
        • One-touch control to join, manage, or begin a meeting
        • Extra wide high-resolution touch screen sized for clarity
        • HD Camera makes sure everyone is seen
        • Microphone Array picks up every word
        • PoE powered for easy installation
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        M-Series Mini Tabletop MMX30

        Big time performance in a small package

        • 7” Touchscreen with easy to use and see
        • Integrated quad mics with 10’ range picks up voices throughout an office
        • HD camera with 150° viewing angle gets everyone in the picture
        • Android or Windows
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        M-Series Tabletop MX50

        Turn any table top into a collaboration hub

        • Built-in speakers and microphone for up to 20’ range
        • An intelligent camera with 5x virtual zoom and auto-framing for the perfect view every time
        • Android or Windows
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        Smart Soundbar BX30

        Raise the bar with exceptional audio and video quality.

        • Adaptive beam forming microphone array picks up every voice within a 15’ range
        • HD camera with 150o viewing angle gets everyone in the picture
        • Android® or PC
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        C-Series Custom Spaces CX100

        Realize the potential of custom spaces – easily

        • Integrates with your choice of displays, cameras, microphones, mixers, switchers, and audio conferencing interface (or speakerphone)
        • One touch control to start any meeting, join any conversation, share any content in the picture
        • Android or Windows

        R-Series Mobile UC Rapid Deployment Collaboration System

        Put UC wherever its needed

        • Set up a collaboration space, quickly, easily, and affordably wherever it’s needed.
        • Great audio and video quality picks up every word and gesture
        • Intelligent camera with 150° field of vision • Supports a 50” to 60” display (not included)
        • Includes retractable Ethernet and power cables for easy connections and rapid deployment
        • Supports AirMedia wireless presentation
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        Provision, monitor, and control 5 to 5,000 devices easily

        Streamlined Installation

        • Pre-wired systems make set up simple
        • Sign-in or plug-in and be instantly connected

        Cloud-based deployment and management, at scale

        • Provision up to thousands of devices at the same time it takes to configure one
        • Remotely manage and monitor your workplace technology
        • Improve device uptime: resolve events remotely and efficiently
        • Improve space and investment strategy with usage data and analytics

        Maintain productivity with Flex Care — flawlessly

        24/7 live support & troubleshooting

        Extended Warranty

        Advanced Replacement

        Discounted on-site service



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