A desktop device dedicated solely to the success of your virtual meetings.

        Crestron Flex Phone For Microsoft Teams® software
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        Always connected, consistent and secure.

        No more sacrificing workspace or fumbling with multiple audio/video devices. Crestron Flex Phones are hardwired, secure networked devices with Microsoft Teams® software built-in, so you get a consistent professional experience in every space, and you’re always connected. The perfect desktop companion device, so remote or hybrid workers can have the same phone in their 数字货币合约平台_合约交易中心_home office or on every hot desk in the office.

        High performance features make virtual collaboration really satisfying

        An extra-wide high resolution touch screen lets you see every participant and presentation with perfect clarity

        A full range speaker and built-in microphone with 360° audio pick up, ensures every word is heard free from distracting echo

        A built-in HD camera with a wide-angle 96° field of view ensures a clear video image free from light and noise artifacts

        Manage your day with the convenience of a single touch

        See everything you need to know about the Crestron Flex Phone from installation to operation

        Choose the model that’s right for you

        Audio conferencing only


        Video conferencing


        Manage everything via Crestron XiO Cloud® Service

        Install with greater efficiency. Update firmware, load programs, change system settings singularly, by location or by global control. Control spaces remotely and resolve challenges proactively.

        Optimize your three biggest investments: people, places and technology

        • Support and gain insights from all your workplace technology across manufacturer
        • Get status and notifications of hardware or software issues
        • Complements other workplace management systems like ServiceNow®
        • Know what’s being utilized by room, floor, building, campus or portfolio


        Mullion Mount Kit

        For 7” and 10” Touch Screens

        Black | White

        Multi-Surface Kit

        For 7” Touch Screens

        Black | White

        For 10” Touch Screens:

        Black | White

        Room Availability Hallway Sign

        Wall Mount


        Room Availability Hallway Indicator

        Wall Mount

        PoE Occupancy Sensor

        Wall Mount

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