Only Crestron can deliver a smart soundbar that’s this smart.

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        Simple. Sleek. The new Crestron UC Smart Soundbar is the front of the room solution with exceptional audio and image quality that brings out the best in every meeting, in any size room, with a single USB connection.

        Hear all.

        The Crestron UC Smart Soundbar series delivers decades of audio engineering expertise in every device. Every Crestron UC Smart Soundbar:
        • Combines Digital Signal Processing–including Acoustic Echo Cancellation, amplification, speakers, and microphones
        • Employs adaptive beam forming technology to pick up whoever is speaking with pinpoint precision
        • Goes beyond simple voice amplification supporting full range audio, so the richest content has the fullest sound

        See all.

        The new Crestron UC Smart Soundbar series lets you pick up on every visual cue and gesture. Choose the camera option that best suits your needs. Both cameras give you big picture views with as close to real life quality as you can get. If you want to zero in on speakers or count attendees, then the Crestron UC Soundbar with the enhanced 4K camera is made for you.

        Do it all-fast

        An installation process that’s as close to instant gratification as you can get.
        1. Get the Crestron UC Soundbar that's right for your room
        2. Mount using integrated bracket
        3. Connect to power
        4. Plug in USB
        5. Play
        Hinged mounting allows for easy access to cables

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        Crestron has dropped the price so you can raise the bar. Now you can offer your clients a much richer experience in every space, for so much less.

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        Crestron UC Smart Soundbar Series
        A sound solution for any room and any platform. Just connect via USB.
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        UC-SB1UC Smart Soundbar

        Advertised Price: $540

        UC-SB1-CAMUC Smart Soundbar with integrated ultra-wide camera, 4K sensor, auto zoom, and people counting

        Advertised Price: $775

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