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        Secure technology for a less than secure world.

        Versatile Technology for Exceptional Performance

        Your technology needs to be secure, reliable, scalable, and dynamic. Why not make it intelligent, cost-effective, and energy-efficient, too? You can have all that and more with Crestron, a leading-edge, world-class technology powerhouse. Crestron offers JITC-certified AV, videoconferencing, presentation, and lighting control solutions that are both secure and easy to use. Centralized monitoring and management systems enable you to track energy usage, remotely troubleshoot devices, and control all of the systems throughout your organization on one user-friendly platform. Utilize every moment of your day with technology that just works.

        Superior Command Center Technologies

        Command and Operations Centers are where the action happens. Make sure insufficient technology doesn’t bog down your operations with high-grade, reliable Crestron systems. Stream secure, zero-latency uncompressed 4K/60 video to any or all displays in the room with just the touch of a button. Source selection is easy with a user-friendly interface on an intuitive touch screen. Play high-quality audio through high-definition speakers throughout the room or even the entire building. Dim the lights, draw the shades, and lower the temperature for those heated moments that require absolute concentration. Crestron gives you complete command and control over all the technology in your Operations Center.


        Intelligent Council, Court & Conference Rooms

        With Crestron, you don’t have to think about your technology; it just works. Cutting-edge presentation systems securely connect a laptop to the room’s display with only a single cable. Stream scalable 4K video and play high-quality audio throughout the room with easy-to-use video and audio distribution systems. Source or display control is as simple as touching a button on a touch screen. Cable management systems enable everyone in the room to plug in or power their laptops without the mess and tangle of untidy wires. Crestron employs scalable, interoperable technologies for flexible and intelligent court or conference rooms throughout your organization.

        Dynamic Briefing Rooms

        Walk into your next briefing fully confident that your communications will be secure, your collaboration tools at the ready, and your technology free of difficulties. Tapping the one-touch meeting start button on the room’s touch screen automatically displays your presentation so no time is lost trying to connect your device. Unparalleled collaboration capabilities enable you and your colleagues to quickly and easily share information from any of the participants’ laptop or desktop computers. Scalable and cost-effective videoconferencing systems feature secure, low-latency, low-bandwidth communications, ensuring a stable connection with someone in the building across the street or across the globe. Crestron offers several tools for energy efficiency, from daylight harvesting sensors and occupancy sensors to intelligent scheduling systems that turn off the lights and AV system when the meeting is over. Communicating and sharing information is faster and easier than ever before with the power of Crestron technology.

        Effortless Technology for Smooth-Running Operations

        Presentation Systems

        Displaying a wired or wireless presentation is as easy as selecting an input source. Crestron employs cutting-edge technology that requires just one cable or a wireless link to the presentation device to connect the source to the display.


        Crestron gives you full control over video sources and screens throughout the campus. Featuring 4K scaling and high-resolution streaming video, Crestron delivers dynamic video systems with a user-friendly control interface.

        Videoconferencing Systems

        Crestron provides out-of-the-box, scalable videoconferencing solutions to suit every need.

        Enterprise Management System

        Centralizing management, monitoring, and control is easy with a Crestron Enterprise Management System. Remotely troubleshoot systems, turn off lights for energy efficiency, and much more on one easy-to-use platform.


        Crestron audio systems feature simple source control and distribution. High-resolution audio and high-definition speakers deliver a robust audio experience in any or many conference rooms, briefing rooms, offices, and common spaces.

        Room Scheduling Touch Screens

        Built without a camera and microphone for maximum security, specially designed room scheduling touch screens optimize room booking and usage throughout your organization.

        Centralized Management & Control

        The world-class, cloud-based Enterprise Management System (EMS) from Crestron delivers superior, reliable control and management of all the technologies across your enterprise right to your computer. Turn off the lights in unused rooms, track energy usage throughout the enterprise, and remotely troubleshoot the blank display in the conference room down the hall without even leaving your office. Identify unused rooms, generate cost-saving reports, and create calendar-based schedules that boost energy efficiency. For network safety and information security, Crestron offers on-site EMS servers that give you full control of the operating system and programming that runs the technologies throughout your organization. With 24/7 support and specialized training for on-site staff members who work with the EMS, efficient and secure centralized management is only a phone call away.

        Giving Back to Our Military

        Crestron feels it is important to do what we can to give back to our veterans. Crestron founder George Feldstein said, “I believe that every company in the private sector should do whatever they can to support and honor the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much to defend our country” when he created the Crestron Eagles Program. The program is dedicated to donating state-of-the-art 数字货币合约平台_合约交易中心_home theater systems to military hospitals in the hopes of providing comfort and entertainment to our veterans when they need it most. Donation recipients include the Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, the Wounded Warriors Detachment Hawaii, and the Wounded Warriors Battalions in North Carolina and Maryland. At Crestron, we feel it is our responsibility to show compassion to those who have sacrificed so much for our country and we are proud to bring hope and happiness to our veterans.

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