All-new Crestron 70 Series touch screens


        Designed for anywhere people share information, connect with technology, or command a space, our all-new 70 Series touch screens are our best yet. They deliver a level of design, performance, and connectivity never seen before by our industry.

        Powerful new feature sets and capabilities enable you to expand your reach at work, across campus, and at 数字货币合约平台_合约交易中心_home. And with the ability to natively deploy them with other Crestron solutions, including Crestron Flex UC, control systems, and scheduling, this new generation is the gateway to endless control.

        Experience responsive, dynamic, and intuitive control

        • Proximity sensor detects motion and awakens screen upon approach
        • Programmable virtual buttons
        • Bluetooth® beacon enables control from mobile device
        • Faster processing for a smoother, more responsive experience and smooth scrolling
        • Enlarged screen surface with sharper screen resolution that communicates with perfect clarity
        • Deployment options from out-of-the-box to configurable or customization

        Wall mount touch screens

        5" Wall Mount Touch Screen - Landscape

        Now Available
        Now Available

        5" Wall Mount Touch Screen - Portrait

        Now Available
        Now Available

        7" Wall Mount Touch Screen

        Now Available
        Now Available

        10" Wall Mount Touch Screen

        Now Available
        Now Available

        Tabletop touch screens

        7" Tabletop Touch Screen

        Now Available
        Now Available

        10" Tabletop Touch Screen

        Now Available
        Now Available

        DM-NVX-E760 unites HDBaseT® connectivity with AV-over-IP


        DigitalMedia™ technology continues to evolve to give you the best and most flexible of all AV distribution platforms. The new DM-NVX-E760 is the world’s first and only HDBaseT® supported AV-over-IP encoder. It gives you the ability to deploy 1-gang wall plate solutions and bridge traditional AV systems with AV-over-IP, thereby leveraging existing IP networks. It’s ideal for hybrid applications and for when you need to provide organizations that have invested in DigitalMedia or HDBaseT solutions a smooth migration path.

        The only 4K60 4:4:4 HDBaseT to AV-over-IP solution on the market

        • An endpoint that bridges DM® and HDBaseT outputs with a DM NVX® network
          • Fully interoperable with current DM NVX ecosystem
          • Native integration of DM®, DMPS, and DM Lite® systems with DM NVX
        • Ability to utilize a 1-gang wall plate transmitter
          • 4K60 4:4:4 support when pairing with a DM-TX-4KZ-100-C-1G
          • 4K60 4:2:0 when pairing with a HD-TX-101-C-1G-E
        • AES67 support allows for native audio-over-IP to integrate DM NVX and 3rd party systems
        • Enterprise-grade security
        • Crestron XiO Cloud® service support

        Available November 30th
        DM NVX® 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder with DM® Input
        Available November 30th
        DM NVX® 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder Card with DM® Input

        DM NVX feature releases continue to evolve the #1 AV-over-IP solution

        NOW AVAILABLE: RESTful API (Application Programming Interface)

        With the publication of the DM NVX RESTful API, DM NVX can now be integrated into any application using any programming language or tools you prefer. This will open up new opportunities to integrate DM NVX into monitoring and management platforms, and enterprise and corporate applications, without being restricted to proprietary software or tools.

        Available now on

        Coming Soon: December

        • Enhanced features on E30 and D30 match 360 and 363
          • Support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision® formats
          • Thumbnail preview of video stream
        • Enhanced KVM features support a broader range of USB applications

        All-new Crestron scheduling touch screens


        Our all-new lineup of scheduling touch screens are designed to enhance and simplify room scheduling across any organization, from corporate offices and conferencing centers, to government facilities and universities.

        The sleek, compact, and thin bezel design provides an enlarged surface screen and high-resolution to precisely display room information and key details. And with a rich new feature set, they take scheduling to full optimization.

        • Built-in proximity sensor that auto-awakes upon approach
        • Dual USB 2.0 ports provide enhanced functionality with visibility indicators and room availability signs
        • Versatile mounting options allows for easy installation
        • 15+ scheduling partners provides the freedom to run your software of choice, so you're never locked in
        • Enterprise-grade security with support for the latest protocols
        • Crestron XiO Cloud support for easy cloud-based deployment, configuration, management and support, at scale

        7" Scheduling touch screens

        Now Available
        Now Available

        With Lightbar

        Now Available
        Now Available

        10" Scheduling touch screens

        Now Available
        Now Available

        With Lightbar

        Now Available
        Now Available

        Crestron Flex MMX and BX – advanced systems for small rooms


        Only Crestron Flex gives you a premium UC solution that’s as simple to deploy as it is to use. In any sized space. Any application. Any platform. BYOD and native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ software. These new kits are ideal for smaller spaces. The built-in intelligent camera provides people counting and genius framing, so everyone is sure to be seen, while the advanced microphones ensure everyone is clearly heard.

        Available 12/31

        UC-MMX30-T KIT
        Available December 31st
        Crestron Flex MM: Advanced Tabletop Small Room System for Microsoft Teams
        UC-BX30-T KIT
        Available December 31st
        Crestron Flex Advanced Wall Mount Small Room Video Conference System for Microsoft Teams
        UC-CX100-T KIT
        Available December 31st
        Crestron Flex Advanced Video Conference System Integrator Kit for Microsoft Teams

        Coming Soon

        UC-MMX30-Z KIT
        Coming Soon
        Crestron Flex MM: Advanced Tabletop Small Room System for Zoom
        UC-MX50-Z KIT
        Coming Soon
        Crestron Flex MX: Advanced Tabletop Medium Room System for Zoom
        UC-MX70-Z KIT
        Coming Soon
        Crestron Flex MX: Advanced Tabletop Medium Room System for Zoom
        UC-BX30-Z KIT
        Coming Soon
        Crestron Flex Wall Mount UC Video Conference System for Zoom
        UC-CX100-Z KIT
        Coming Soon
        Crestron Flex Advanced Video Conference System Integrator Kit for Zoom

        Crestron Flex P-Series personal communication devices


        It’s not a phone with a touch screen; it’s a stunning, superfast personal communication device for your private workspace, the most active hub for collaboration. Plan your day. Schedule and join meetings. Unify your computer, cell, and desk phone in one state-of-the-art device to maximize your productivity.

        Available early 2021

        UC-P8-T-HS T
        Coming Soon
        8" Personal Communication Device with handset for Microsoft Teams
        Coming Soon
        8" Personal Communication Device for Microsoft Teams

        Crestron XiO Cloud® service free trial


        Now, you can instantly experience the many powerful benefits of our award-winning provisioning and management service FREE for 30 days for up to 10 rooms.

        XiO Cloud is the IoT-based platform for the modern, intelligent workplace that enables you to deploy quickly, monitor instantly, control remotely, and evolve with data analytics.

        If you’re finding that the way you currently manage your workplace technology just isn’t working and are looking for a solution that promotes productivity and enables efficiency, we encourage you to sign up for a FREE trial. You’ll need some hardware to test it with, of course, but with more than 100 supported devices, it shouldn’t be difficult to find some.

        Read the blog for more details on the free trial.

        Crestron software updates


        Crestron Mercury® conference system: 10.2 Release


        • Modern authentication for Microsoft® Office 365® software software
        • Improved language support for .AV Framework

        AirMedia® wireless presentation system: 5.2 Release

        • Easily manage and queue up content from up to 10 presenters
        • Adds control of displayed content from Mac® and Windows® applications
        • Control what content is displayed on the main screen

        Crestron's New 4KZ HDMI® Switchers


        Even the simplest content distribution deserves the best. Our new HDMI switchers give you an efficient room solution for the most common content distribution needs, right out of the box. They deliver support for the latest video formats, industry standards, enterprise-grade security, and network-based configuration, deployment and management. These switchers are a key building block of any video distribution solution.

        Key features

        • 4K60 4:4:4, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision® support
        • Integrated display control via CEC without programming or a control system
        • Auto-route and priority routing (HD-MD4X1-4KZ-E, HD-MD4X2-4KZ-E)
        • Enterprise-grade security (802.1x, Active Directory® user authentication, TLS, HTTPS) 
        • XiO Cloud® support for network deployment at scale, help desk integration, remote management
        • Audio de-embedding
        Now Available
        4x1 4K60 4:4:4: HDR AV Switcher
        Now Available
        4x2 4K60 4:4:4: HDR AV Switcher
        Now Available
        8x4 4K60 4:4:4: HDR AV Switcher
        Now Available
        8x8 4K60 4:4:4: HDR AV Switcher

        Crestron Room Configuration Software Update


        Crestron Room Configuration enables you to set up any space quickly, affordably, and completely with just a web browser. New features include support for DM NVX hardware, 4-Series™ control systems, and customizable interfaces using HTML5.

        DM NVX: Available now

        • The flexibility of AV-over-IP hardware meets the simplicity of web-based room configuration
          • The details: The initial release supports up to 10 DM NVX transmitters and one DM NVX receiver for quick creation of room solutions with the flexibility of AV-over-IP
          • Subsequent releases will allow for multiple DM NVX receivers for multi-display rooms and USB routing (Available Q1 2021)

        HTML5 and RMC4: Coming soon

        • User Interface Customization
          • Using Crestron Room Configuration, installers have been able to build a consistent user experience across various room types with nothing more than a web browser. Now, with the user interface leveraging HTML5 technology, installers with HTML/CSS knowledge can customize the touch screen interface to match corporate identity or styling, match an existing user interface theme, or develop something fully custom for particular customer needs.
          • Three levels of customization are supported
            • Basic – Customize icons, backgrounds, logos and screensavers
            • Intermediate – Modify the CSS file to change the styles of text and buttons
            • Advanced – Use the SDK and API to create a completely custom user experience
        • Crestron Room Configuration will support the next generation 4-Series control platform, the RMC4

        Crestron 4-Series™ DIN-AP4


        Designed specifically for DIN rail mounting applications, the new DIN-AP4 provides a powerful 4‑Series™ control system and numerous integrated control ports, including onboard IR, COM, I/O, and Cresnet® communications. Utilize the DIN-AP4 as the core processor for controlling a complete DIN rail automation system.

        From a single room to entire campuses, the new Crestron 4-Series platform enables organizations to intelligently and efficiently unify and control the growing number of devices and systems on the network, utilizing enterprise-grade security and web-based monitoring and management.

        Coming Soon
        DIN-RAIL 4-Series Control System

        Virtual Control (VC-4) now supports Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OS


        As technologies evolve and organizational requirements and needs from security to functionality shift, so does our design and engineering at Crestron. Over the last 3 years, there has been a significant shift in organizations requiring their control platforms to operate on and support Red Hat Enterprise Linux®; from enterprises and financial institutions, to universities and government agencies.

        To meet the requirements of our customers, this release will move Crestron VC-4 from Unbuntu® to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, an open source operating system (OS), while also supporting Security Enhanced Linux.

        Red Hat Enterprise Linux

        • Open source operation system
        • IT preferred security
        • Support for Crestron ONE™ mobile app for workplace control
        Security Enhanced Linux
        • Ability to deploy is even the most security required environments
        • Every operation is whitelisted, so administrators know what’s happening under the hood
        Current Ubuntu server customers are not required to update to the Red Hat release. Those who wish to enjoy the value and benefits can do so with a seamless migration. Run the Crestron created migration script to make an exact copy of the current Ubuntu setup (all configurations, rooms, custom files) and import it with the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux, utilizing the same code and device mapping. To provide a free operating system alternative, Virtual Control will also support CentOS® software.

        Read the blog for complete details on this Red Hat release and Ubuntu migration